We ensure your business makes the best use of its resources to maximise profits.

While a talented CFO can add several times their salary in additional value to an organisation, many small to medium sized businesses aren’t willing to afford or risk the initial outlay. Our virtual CFO service helps you access the expertise and effort of a CFO for a fraction of the cost of a fulltime employee.

Our CFO service carries out three key functions for you:

  • Ensuring your financial record keeping is accurate and meaningful so that you can make better decisions.
  • Advising on how to spend money in the present day, taking account of risk and liquidity issues unique to your business. We can also help you determine the best mix of debt and equity financing (capital structure) to meet your changing needs.
  • Advising on where to take the business in future by understanding the financial viabiliy of different product linesand services and modeling economic trends.

In short, our CFO service will help you make better use of your money, equipment and people. You’ll create a faster growing, more profitable business and pay only a small portion of the additional revenue to fund the virtual CFO’s role.